Most thoughtful people would agree that it is important to be logical. Yet, few people are aware of how to be logical. On the one hand, we hold being logical as a high and noble value; on the other hand, we do not understand the actual means of achieving that value. This is a needless tragedy.
The subject of logic, of course, provides the means of being logical. The purpose of this subject is to present the proper methods of forming and using ideas. However, since its promising beginnings over two thousand years ago, logic  has not lived up to this purpose. Today, the subject has veered so far away from its goals that it has virtually disappeared from serious discourse. This has created an enormous gap in our ability to be logical.
What we are left with is our common sense, and that can carry us a pretty good way. But common sense is only an implicit, piecemeal, often murky means of being logical. This is why we need a proper logic--an explicit, systematic, always clear means of being logical.
How Ideas Work fills this enormous gap. It presents logic as it should be, but never has been. It fulfills the promise to show us how our ideas, all ideas, should be formed and used. It gives us the precise methods required to be logical. 

Hardcover, 176 pages, $17
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