INTRODUCTION: Why should men take their minds seriously?

PREFACE: What happened to logic?

1  CONSISTENCY AND CONTRADICTION: What does it mean to make sense?
       Reality Is the Standard for Ideas
       Ideas Must Be Consistent with Each Other
       Ideas Require Facts Plus Method

2  SIMILARITY AND DIFFERENCE: Where do words come from?
       Concepts Organize Entities
       Essentials Lead to New Concepts
       Definitions Make Higher-Level Concepts Clear
3  CAUSE AND EFFECT: How does man grasp what is happening?
       Explanations Require a Standard of Evidence
       Causality Leads to Specific Expectations
       Volition Accounts for Human Action
4  INFERENCE AND PROOF: How are conclusions supported?
       The Syllogism Reveals a Universal Premise
       Essentials Validate Generalizations
       Causality Justifies Specific Conclusions
5  CERTAINTY AND ERROR: On what basis are choices made?
       Certainty Is the Standard for Judgment
       Error Consists of Subordinating a Fundamental
       Principles Guide Man’s Actions

GLOSSARY: What concepts are key to how ideas work?


Logic as it should be...but never has been
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